La Milkeria

La Milkeria is a magical place.  It’s much more than just a cafe.  They have a large menu of foods such as Crêpes, Waffles, Pancakes, Gelato, croissants, cookies, muffins, milkshakes, and a large list beverages.  Some of their beverages are cappuccinos, hot chocolate, tea, fresh juices, iced coffee, and many Italian coffee drinks that have complex names.  When I first found out about this place I was so excited because they have breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles.  I love breakfast and Italians don’t have extravagant breakfasts.  They have a croissant and a cappuccino and go on with their day.  This is not the life I want.  I want to start my day off with a nice breakfast.  On weekdays I usually don’t have enough time eat as big as a breakfast as I wish.  To make up for this me, Kathleen and Anna go every Sunday at 9AM to La Milkeria to sit down for a nice breakfast.  This is the highlight of my week because I get to eat my favorite genre of food, while being with great friends.

Here’s some photos of La Milkeria




This picture here is of our first time eating at La Milkeria.  I ordered the Pancakes la Milkeria and a cappuccino.  This is a pancake with cream and strawberries with then another pancake on top of it with more cream and strawberries.



The next week I ordered a nutella crepe.  It came with fruit also!  For the beverage I got a hot chocolate.



Here you see Anna drinking pointing to her coffee like a weirdo.



The following Sunday I got a waffle.  It had nutella and almond cream on it!  I have never had almond stuff os a topping before.  It was very good.



This next week was when my dad came to visit me.  Of course I brought him along with us to La Milkeria.  We both ordered cappuccinos.  For food, I wanted to try something different this week.  Him and I both got savory crepes.  Inside was prosciutto, cheese, and tomato.  The crepe was made out of whole wheat flour!  So somewhat healthy right?



To conclude this post here is another picture of my dear friend Anna holding up a cup with La Milkeria’s logo on it.


Im really happy we do this once a week. It always brightens my day to have a great meal with good friends. This sunday we will be having our last breakfast here before we go home for the holidays.  I am trying to think ahead of time what I will order,  but its such a hard decision.  Wish me luck!


Thanks for reading !

Gina Marie✷◎❤︎




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