Is Food Art?

The question of, “Is food art?” has been pondered by many.  The different ideas and debates between philosophers show that this is a tricky topic of discussion.  There is the one side that suggests reasons as to why food is not art.  According to some philosophers, there is something called the Consumption Exclusion Thesis (CET).  This means that if something is consumed, it cannot be a form of art.  It’s argued that food does not fit this because it’s not quite as permanent as a sculpture, painting, drawing, etc.  Also, food is something that everyone cannot experience exactly the same way.  Two people could view the statue of Michelangelo’s David, and see the same thing.   Two people could eat a plate of pasta, but experience way different tastes.  These are examples of arguments philosophers create to prove their point that food is not art.  As there are theories that suggest food is not art, there are some that suggest food is art.  Some philosophers state food is art by critiquing the theories of philosophers who don’t think food is art.  They suggest that the Consumption Exclusion Thesis is an argument that counteracts itself.  They bring up the point of theatre, dance, and music.  Almost everyone can agree these are considered to be forms of art.  If someone believes in the CET, then wouldn’t they believe that theatre, dance, and music are not forms of art?  These art forms are not permanent like a painting or sculpture.  They go away after some time, can be experienced differently by the audience, and can be preformed differently because of who’s preforming.  For example, if two people preform the same line from Skakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, they will sound different based on their voice, their pitch, their way of speaking, and much more.  Philosophers have come up with something called “the principle of universalization”.  This means that like should be treated as like.  To support this think of theatre, dance, and music.  All of them have forms to them such as in theatre there is a script, in dance there is a written routine, and in music there is a score to follow.  What form does food have?  In food the forms are recipes.  This theory only works when there are no relevant differences between things (all things being equal).  Theatre, dance, and music all have a form to them, so we can use the principle of universalization to prove that food is at an equal status.

My theory on weather food is art or not was a bit difficult to decide on as I am a person who has a hard time making decisions.  Especially deciding if something is right or wrong.  I come to the conclusion that anything creative is art.  Anything that has had time and effort put into it, can be considered art if that’s what the creator sees it as.  I don’t think its my place to say that something is not art if the person who created it thinks it is.

What do you think?  Should food be considered art?  Leave a comment

Thanks for reading!

Gina marie☯♡⚜


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