Trying Kebabs in Florence

Trying new food is something that can end up being fun and exciting, or completely terrifying.  My experience starts when I am assigned to try a new food here in Florence Italy.  After a long debate of where to go and what to trIMG_7538y I choose Kebabs at a place called Star Kebap that’s less than a 5 minute walk from my apartment.  Apparently this is a food known among college students for being cheap, easy and delicious.  Plus the place is always open.  I walk in and see a huge rotating piece of meat that I am later told is chicken.  This intimidates me because I have never seen anything quite like this back where I live on Long Island, unless I go into New York City.  Ive always passed carts that have this but I have never once tried it.  The menu is noticeably small containing only several different options.  I choose something called the Piadina Kebap.  It’s chicken kebab, lettuce, tomato, onion, chili sauce, yogurt sauce, and french fries all together in a soft tortilla.  As you can see in the image, it sort of resembles a burrito that’s not closed on one end.  Taking my first bite I IMG_7532automatically sense all the different textures. The most prominent is the crunch of   the lettuce, tomato, and onions.  I can now taste the flavor.  There’s the spice of the chili sauce, the creamyness of the yogurt sauce, the cold and crispness of the veggies, and the warm chicken and french fries.  Everything adds up together to create a food that I would categorize as “the perfect comfort food”.  While eating this I think of all the times when I’m sad and that I should be eating this Piadina Kebap to cure me.  It also reminds me of home somewhat.  My family loves Mexican food.   Very often we will get takeout burritos, but I don’t like them.  My brothers get something called, “The Supreme Burrito”.  This is a burrito that contains many different vegetables, spices, beans, rice, meat, and my brothers favorite, pico de gallo.  It is truly the ultimate/supreme IMG_7535burrito.  This kebab reminded me of what my brothers get at home.  Even though it is very much different it still gives me that sliver of home that I’m missing while here in Florence.  My final reaction to this new food experience is that I very much liked the kebab.  I would like to go back there when I need something easy, cheap, delicious, AND if I’m feeling homesick.

Thanks for reading!

Gina Marie❋✯✌︎

I am here publicly showing my love for this kebab by putting it close to my face.
I am here publicly showing my love for this kebab by putting it close to my face.

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