Hello world!

On a typical Saturday or Sunday morning in my household you will wake up to the smell of something utterly delicious cooking downstairs.  Once you bring yourself out of bed and down to the kitchen you will see my dad cooking everything and anything you could imagine for breakfast.  If he makes pancakes for breakfast there’s always some sort of meat to go along with it like bacon, sausage or ham.  When I have a full plate of food in front of me he always asks if I want any eggs to go along with it.  I always exclaim that I have enough food on my plate and don’t need any eggs.  No surprise to me at all that 5 minutes later he will ask again to see if I had changed my mind.  That’s the Italian in him.  Days like this with my Dad are my favorite.  Breakfast is my favorite category of food.  I love all of it.  Except bagels with lox and cream cheese.  I’m my dad’s favorite breakfast eater because he loves to cook and my brothers don’t like breakfast that much.  When my dad doesn’t cook on the weekends I like to cook my own breakfast.  I will usually make gluten free banana pancakes with some fruit, an omelet, or maybe a waffle.  I love to cook my own breakfast if I feel I have time and energy for it.  Now for the weekdays breakfast is a different story.  In the past couple years since me and my brothers are a bit older, my parents don’t cook breakfast every day.  If my dad has time in the morning he will make a pot of Farina or Oatmeal.  Most of the time we have to get out of the house quickly to make the bus so we have a quick piece of toast or some cereal.

I come from a mostly Italian family.  In my house we cook a great deal of Italian food for our meals.  We like to make meatballs, chicken cutlets, pasta, and we like to make frittatas with our leftover pasta.  My mom is always the one to force vegetables upon us with our dinner.  We have broccoli and spinach often which I actually enjoy.  One tradition we have in our family is to make something called Frittlers.  Its simple and insanely delicious.  Frittlers are just fried dough pieces you fill with any cheese you like.  We use mozzarella, grated parmesan, and a strong cheese called Ricotta Forte.  You’re only supposed to use a little bit of ricotta forte in your frittler because it’s such a strong cheese.  My choice of frittler is either mozzarella inside, or just salt.  I don’t go for the ricotta forte as much as my dad does.  We only have frittlers on special occasions, like when family or close family friends come over.  Also I often will go out to eat with my boyfriend or my friends to get pizza or Chinese food.  This is my food history.  This is what I’m missing out on right now while I’m here studying in Florence.  I’m missing my mom’s Asian slaw salad (the best salad to exist ever), and I’m missing my dad’s silver dollar pancakes on Sundays. 

You may be thinking, why would she leave all of that to go to Florence for a year?  I have a goal for this year that answers this question.  One concerns food and cooking.  I want to be able to experience this new life where I have to feed myself.  I don’t come home knowing that theres going to be food on the table.  I now have to think ahead of time what I want to eat.  If I want to go out, heat up a quick frozen pizza, or think of a meal I have to prepare for.  This is part of growing up and becoming independent.  The sole reason I chose to come to another country to do school is for that reason exactly.  I want to learn how to be an adult.  A huge part of this quest for adulthood involves cooking.  I will learn how to cook and take care of myself whilst here in Florence for the year.  

Thanks for reading!

Gina Marie❀❁✿


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Gina, we miss you already! It’s good to read that you are making the best of this big change in your life. This blog is very interesting and well written. I look forward to seeing your progress as an Italian Chef! Ciao and XO Aunt Adele


  2. Adele & I very much enjoyed reading about “Great Food in Northport”, and your mission statement, your writing is delicious and your Mom and Dad certainly inspired you to have an insatiable appetite to explore food and life. I believe that adulthood and independence is similar to the four quarters in football and in my opinion you have made it to the first quarter, oh my you are on your way to becoming an adult superstar. Love Adele & Peter


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